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Carefully Packed to Export Standards

save time and money

Gibraltar Packing Materials

Once quote has been accepted, we will then proceed to arrange a date when goods can be packed and taken into storage. This is agreed by the client, closer to the date of moving. All items are carefully packed to export standards by our qualified team of packers, using approved packing materials at our disposal. If necessary, custom made special containers would be provided by us, for special / delicate items. The safety and security of these goods, during transit is of the utmost priority. Whether it's a priceless work of art or simply a mattress, the way your effects are packed is extremely important. 

Additional Packing Materials Available

  • Two and Three Seater Sofa Covers
  • Armchair Covers
  • Single Mattress Covers (Clear)
  • Double Mattress Covers (Clear)
  • Corrugated Paper
  • Brown / White Tape
  • Fragile Tape
  • Redwood Tape

Packing Tips

Knowing how to pack personal effects will save you time and money. Using suitably sized boxes as well as appropriate wrapping materials will considerably reduce the risk of damage to your belongings. Packing specifications are of great importance to Redwood and we would recommend adhering as much as possible to the following minimum standards:

  • General - All packing materials should be new and unused, clean and free from substances likely to cause harm.
  • China, Glass Ornaments etc - Smaller pieces shall be individually wrapped. Whatever materials you use should form a padded protection around the item whether this is layers of white paper, bubble wrap or paper and card wrap. Larger pieces shall be wrapped individually in corrugated paper. Plates will be wrapped in stacks of no more than four, each one separated with a layer of bubble wrap. The stack shall then be wrapped in bubble wrap. All items shall be placed in suitable sized cartons and padded with paper.
  • Pots, Pans and Utensils - Non-fragile items shall be individually wrapped in white paper and packed tightly in suitably sized cartons.
  • Large appliances - Appliances must be wrapped in corrugated cardboard or blankets. Hard items must not be packed inside freezers or washing machines.
  • Small appliances - These are items such as coffee machine, kitchen robot, etc. They must be packed into suitable sized cartons and padded with white paper.
  • Books - Books do not need to be individually wrapped but should be packed tightly into suitable sized cartons with other books only. Loose space must be padded out with clean paper.
  • Clothing and footwear: Should be placed as found in flat clothing cartons. Shoes should be packed separately from other items and may be individually wrapped. Any loose space in the carton should be packed out with paper.
  • Hats and Lampshades - These can be placed individually or stacked in cartons of suitable size to prevent movement. No other items should be packed into the carton.
  • Rugs - Rugs should be rolled and wrapped in water-resistant covers.
  • Television sets, Hi-Fi, Video and other similar equipment - Wherever possible these should be placed in the manufacturer’s carton. Otherwise they should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a suitable carton. Any loose space should be packed with paper.
  • Pictures and mirrors - Small sizes should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in cartons, with pictures and mirrors (face to face, back to back). Any loose space should be padded with clean white paper. Larger sizes must be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and over-wrapped with cardboard, or if necessary in a wooden case.

Please note that quotations are worked out on weight or volume (whichever is the greater). Weight of the boxes should be always kept at a reasonable level, never exceeding 25 kgs per box. Overweight on boxes might increase the risk of damage to your goods.